DIY Music Day

Saturday, 14th August, 10am-5pm
World Museum, William Brown Street, Liverpool

Explore the world museum through music. Make thumb pianos, listen to instruments from all over the world and perform music with DIY instruments. No musical experience necessary!

DIY Music Day aims to engage the public with the World Museum’s collections in new ways through great art and music. All the artists involved embody a DIY spirit of play and exploration; subtle, scary,  challenging, weird, unfinished spiritual and fun.

Artists were hidden in and amongst the museum galleries to allow the public to explore and be surprised; and others play key performances in the Atrium and outside the building

Featuring: Apatt, Anthony Seydu, Beat Life, Mike Carney, Stuart Carswell, How Why DIY, Norman’s Organs, Joe McLaughlin, Sam Meech, Megaphone Orchestra, Music Boxes from the museum collection, Noise Club.

DIY Music Day is a co-production between National Museum Liverpool, SoundNetwork and the PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Plus Northwest Scheme. Curated and produced by Ross Dalziel & Donna Lyon.

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